吳回 | NG Wui

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Ng Wui was born in 1912 in Guangzhou. Unable to get a formal education, he attended a drama school in 1929, then worked as a live narrator for silent films. He came to Hong Kong in 1939 and entered the film industry during the nascent days of the talkies, joining the Cantonese cinema company Grandview Film in 1940, acting in small parts as well as working behind the camera.

Ng quickly earned the chance to direct, making his debut with Tonight the Moon Is Full (1941), followed by Three Heroes (1941, co-directed with Lee Sun-fung). After Japanese forces occupied Hong Kong in December, 1941, he returned to Guangzhou, forming drama troupes and staged war-effort plays. He came back to Hong Kong after the war, returning to the film industry in 1947, serving as both actor and director. Ng soon became known as a director at once good and efficient, able to complete quality films in record time while bringing out commanding performances from his actors. In a fruitful career, he had made over 220 films. Ng was also a prolific and respected actor, appearing in over 100 films, mostly in character roles.

In the early 1950s, Ng teamed with 20 Cantonese cinema filmmakers to form Union Film Enterprise, which, faithful to a dedication to reverse the industry trend of shoddy productions, revolutionized Cantonese cinema in a few short years and with lasting impact. Of the 44 films produced by Union, Ng directed 20, including the company’s inaugural work Family (1953), as well as Big Thunderstorm (1954), The Sworn Sisters (1954), Money (1959), Humanity (1960) and Sea (1963). Other renowned works he directed include The Prodigal Son (1952), Madam Wan (1954),Thunderstorm and Wilderness (1956).

When Cantonese cinema went into decline in the 1970s, he joined Rediffusion Television in 1970, initially as director and later as actor, appearing in many drama series. He also directed several films for independent companies, his last effort the comedy Crazy Hustlers (1979). He retired form film in the mid-1980s, moving to Guangdong with his wife, former actress Yip Ping, occasionally making cameos in film and on television, his last appearance in film the Stephen Chow comedy Hail the Judge (1994). Ng passed away in 1996.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1979 《懵仔傻妹妙偵探》
Crazy Hustlers
1977 《刮龍搏懵》
No Money No Talk
1976 《狐天狐地》
Beautiful Vixen
1976 《星座奇趣錄》
Star Wonderfun
1975 《神化外母古惑妻》
My Bewitched Wife
1974 《太平山下》
Fun, Hong Kong Style
1970 《獨掌震龍門》
To Crack the Dragon Gate
1969 《天賜橫財》
Money from Heaven
1969 《奪命雌雄劍》
The Twin Swords
1969 《神偷姊妹花》
Two Sisters Who Steal
1969 《龍膽》
Where the Dragon Dares
1969 《成家立室》
Let's Build a Family LEE Tit WU Pang YEUNG Kuen
1968 《拜倒迷你裙》
The Admirers of the Girl in the Mini-skirt
1968 《神弓》
The Magic Bow
1967 《虎口鴛鴦》
They Fought Shoulder to Shoulder
1967 《小姐、先生、師奶》
Miss. Mr. Mrs.
1967 《離婚之喜》
Divorce Brinkmanship
1966 《郎心何太忍》
But How Cruel You Are
1966 《夜半的鬼影》
The Ghost Chasers
1965 《女司機》
The Lady Chauffeur
1965 《萬里追踪》
The Pursuit
1965 《血字第一號》
The Ring of Spies
1965 《血債血償》
An Eye for an Eye
1965 《特務黑蜘蛛》
Agent Black Spider
1964 《錦繡天堂》
Beautiful Heaven LEE Tit WU Pang
1964 《香城艷屍》
Murder of a Woman
1964 《秘密文件三零三》
Last Flight to Freedom
1964 《男婚女嫁》
Getting Married
1964 《滿堂吉慶》
Happiness Reigns Everywhere CHOR Yuen
1964 《錦繡天堂》
The Beautiful Heaven LEE Tit WU Pang
1963 《招郎入舍》
Take a Husband
1963 《海》
1963 《春到人間》
When Spring Comes
1963 《萬劫鴛鴦》
The Unfortunate Couple
1963 《女偵探》
The Lady Detective
1963 《怪俠燕子飛》
The Strange Hero "Flying Swallow"
1963 《皆大歡喜》
Let's Be Happy
1963 《薄命紅顏》
An Ill-fated Beauty
1963 《999 我是兇手》
I am the Murderer
1963 《痴情兒女》
Passionately in Love
1962 《金牌計》
Her Majesty's Imperial Warrant
1962 《步步追踪》
The Chase
1962 《秋風秋雨》
Autumn Melancholy
1962 《難得有情郎》
It's Hard to Get a Loving Man
1962 《扭計新娘》
The Wise Bride
1962 《999 怪屍案》
999 the Mysterious Body
1962 《破鏡重圓》
The Reunion
1962 《神秘兇殺案》
The Mysterious Murderer
1962 《夜夜望娘婦》
Longing for Mother's Return
1961 《銀紙萬歲》
Long Live the Money
1961 《七小福》
The Seven Kids
1961 《天倫》
The Story of a Family
1961 《天倫下集》
The Story of a Family Part 2
1960 《三鳳求凰》
They All Say I Do
1960 《人》
1960 《十兄弟怒海除魔》
The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster
1960 《棄婦》
The Outcast Woman
1960 《棄婦下集》
The Outcast Woman Part 2
1960 《恩情》
Forever Lovers
1960 《恩情下集》
Forever Lovers Part 2
1960 《雞鳴狗盜》
The Wonderful Partner
1960 《神童擒兇記》
The Genius Boy Caught a Murderer
1960 《最後五分鐘》
The Last Five Minutes
1960 《荒島驚魂》
Adventure on a Deadly Island
1960 《亞福過年》
A Story About Three Families
1959 《豪門夜宴》
Feast of a Rich Family LEE Tit
1959 《錢》
1959 《金美人》
The Golden Beauty
1959 《荒唐女婿》
The Impossible Son-in-Law
1959 《十兄弟》
Ten Brothers
1959 《路》
The Road
1959 《好冤家》
Dear Love
1959 《金枝玉葉》
Daughter of a Grand Household
1959 《刀下美人魂》
Beauty Slain by the Sword
1959 《毒丈夫》
The Cruel Husband
1958 《烽火佳人》
A Beautiful Girl at War
1958 《寶蓮燈三集》
The Precious Lotus Lamp Part 3
1958 《大冬瓜》
Big Clumsy Melon
1958 《殺人花燭夜》
Murder on a Wedding Night
1958 《寶鼎明珠》
General Tripod and Princess Pearl
1958 《鴛鴦谷》
Valley of the Love-Birds
1958 《小咪趣史》
Affairs of Kitty
1958 《小歌女》
Little Songstress
1958 《柳毅傳書》
Lau Ngai, the Messenger
1958 《阿超結婚》
Ah Chiu Is Getting Married
1958 《借新娘》
A Borrowed Bride
1957 《寶蓮燈續集》
The Precious Lotus Lamp The Sequel
1957 《呆佬添丁》
The Dunce Gets a Son
1957 《天姬送子》
A Fairy Brings a Son
1957 《無情大海有情天》
Love in the Perilous Sea
1957 《雷雨》
1957 《荔枝記》
Tale of Lychee
1957 《水滸傳:智取生辰綱》
Taking the Birthday Gifts Caravan by Strategy
1957 《司馬相如》
The Story of Sima Xiangru
1957 《魔影》
The Shadow
1957 《豬八戒招親》
Piggy's Marriage
1957 《小婦人》
Little Women
1957 《誰是兇手?》
Who Is the Killer?
1957 《捉姦記》
Caught in the Act
1957 《甜姐兒》
Darling Girl
1956 《孔雀東南飛》
The Separating Couple
1956 《原野》
1956 《西廂記》
Romance at the Western Chamber
1956 《黑夜奇冤》
An Unusual Crime at Night
1956 《桃花依舊笑春風》
The Peach-Blossoms Are Still in Bloom
1956 《一片飛花》
Flower Petals in the Wind
1956 《勾魂使者》
The Soul Stealer
1956 《寶蓮燈》
The Precious Lotus Lamp
1956 《七重天》
The 7 Heavens
1956 《瓦鬼還魂》
The Ghost of the Pot Comes to Life
1956 《奇人奇遇》
The Strange Adventures of a Strange Man
1956 《花好月圓》
Matching the Beauty and the Handsome
1956 《三入閻王殿》
Three Expeditions to Hell
1956 《呆佬拜壽》
The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party
1955 《愛》
(Segment: The Captain's Sacrifice )
1955 《愛下集》
(Segment: The Captain's Sacrifice )
Love Part 2
1955 《秋海棠》
The Actor's Romance
1955 《真金不怕紅爐火》
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
1955 《故苑又逢春》
The Renewal of an Old Garden
1955 《兩地相思》
In Different Lands We Still Long for Each Other
1955 《情痴》
The Devoted Lover
1955 《家教》
Family Mottos
1955 《昭君出塞》
Zhaojun's Mission to the Barbarian's State
1955 《兩重心》
The Hypocritical Heart
1955 《長生塔》
The Immorality Pagoda
1955 《鴛鴦譜》
The Matchmaker
1955 《後窗》
Backyard Adventures
1954 《父與子》
Father and Son
1954 《山水有相逢》
We'll Meet Again
1954 《芸娘》
Madam Wan
1954 《人隔萬重山》
The Hills Divide Us
1954 《萍姬》
Lady Ping
1954 《改期結婚》
The Postponed Wedding
1954 《大雷雨》
Big Thunderstorm
1954 《午夜情殺案》
Love Killed at Midnight
1954 《母親》
1954 《失足恨》
The Fall
1954 《百變婦人心》
Her Fickle Heart
1954 《豪華世家》
The Noble Family
1954 《金蘭姊妹》
Sworn Sisters
1953 《火樹銀花相映紅》
Bright Night CHENG Kang
1953 《家》
1953 《新唐伯虎點秋香》
The Scholar Tang Bohu and the Maid Qiuxiang
1953 《秋雨殘花》
Fallen Petals in the Autumn Rain
1953 《雙雄鬥智》
Two Heroic Rivals
1953 《新婚記》
The Newly-Weds
1953 《有心唔怕遲》
Never Too Late
1953 《一家親》
All in the Family
1953 《養子當知父母恩》
Honor Thy Father and Mother
1952 《兒女情長》
Sweet Love Lingers One CHENG Kang
1952 《龍鳳花燭》
Wedding Candles
1952 《如意吉祥》
A Prayer for Happiness
1952 《花好月圓》
Love's Bliss
1952 《貧賤夫妻百事哀》
Everything Goes Wrong for Poor Couple
1952 《長恨歌》
A Song of Everlasting Sorrow
1952 《冷月伴郎歸》
He Returns by the Lonely Moon
1952 《時來運到》
Timely Fortune
1952 《難為了爸爸》
Poor Daddy
1952 《花開燕子歸》
The Swallow's Return
1952 《古靈精怪》
Funny Fellows
1952 《十個肥女嫁廋郎》
Ten Fat Brides for Skinny
1952 《歌唱胡不歸》
Why Not Return? The Musical
1952 《兩個刁蠻女三戲蕭月白》
Two Naughty Girls Thrice Insulted Siu Yuet-pak
1952 《阿牛新傳》
A New Story of Ah Niu
1952 《一對胭脂馬》
Two Naughty Girls
1952 《敗家仔》
The Prodigal Son
1951 《美人恩》
When a Lovely Girl Bestows Her Favours
1951 《魔宮妖后》
Queen of the Devil's Palace
1951 《雪影寒梅》
Plum-Blossom in the Snow
1951 《烏龍姻緣》
Marriage by Mistake
1951 《冷落春宵》
Neglected Wife
1951 《飄零燕》
Drifting Swallow
1951 《情天孤雁》
Orphan Girl in Love
1951 《人約黃昏後》
Sunset Rendezvous
1951 《無限恩情無限恨》
Fathomless Love, Fathomless Hate
1951 《霓裳恨》
Sad Tale of Rainbow Robes
1951 《從此蕭郎陌路人》
From Now on We Are Strangers
1951 《福至心靈》
Lucky Strike
1951 《怪錯有情郎》
The Wrongly Accused Lover
1951 《新胡不歸》
Why Not Return?
1951 《凌貴興三打梁天來》
How Leung Tin-loi Was Thrice Beaten Up by Ling Kui-hing
1951 《凌貴興三打梁天來下集》
How Leung Tin-Loi Was Thrice Beaten Up By Ling Kwai-hing Part 2
1951 《嫁錯金龜婿》
She Regrets Having Married a Rich Husband
1951 《紅樓新夢》
A Dream of Red Mansions
1950 《花落紅樓》
The Flower Drops by the Red Chamber
1950 《戴森奇案大破怪衣黨》
Inspector Daisen Shattered the Strange Cloaks Gang
1950 《黑天堂》
Dark Paradise
1950 《凌霄孤雁》
Bird on the Wing
1950 《鬼屋》
Ghost House
1950 《人海萬花筒》
(Segment: Black Market Marriage )
Kaleidoscope LEE Tit
1950 《烏龍將軍》
The Blundering General
1950 《罪惡鎖鍊》
The Wages of Sin
1950 《罪惡鎖鍊下集》
The Wages of Sin Part 2
1950 《梵宮情淚》
Love Tears of a Buddhist Recluse
1950 《劫後孤兒》
The War Baby
1950 《兒心碎母心》
The Son Who Broke Mother's Heart
1950 《萬劫情鴛》
Lovers Caught in 10,000 Perils
1950 《年晚錢》
The End of the Year Means Money
1949 《雙喜臨門》
Double Happiness at the Door
1949 《鳳入龍樓》
When a Woman Enters a Man's Home
1949 《孤兒救祖》
The Orphan's Rescue
1949 《夢斷殘宵》
End of the Day
1949 《癡心女子負心郎》
The Honest and the Dishonest
1949 《紫霞杯》
The Purple-misted Cup
1949 《夜破藏香洞》
Night Raid of the Women's Trap
1949 《可憐閨裡月》
A Pitiable Wife
1948 《妙手偷香》
To Steal a Sweet Heart
1948 《百子千孫》
Hundreds of Children and Thousands of Grandchildren
1948 《黃金世界》
A Golden World
1948 《蝙蝠大盜》
Bat Thief
1948 《顛鸞倒鳳》
Man or Woman?
1948 《血海爭雄》
Fight for Champion
1948 《紅顏未老恩先斷》
Separated Too Soon
1947 《淚灑相思地》
Tears for the Impossible Love
1947 《天賜良緣》
Romance from Heaven
1941 《今宵重見月團圓》
Tonight the Moon Is Full
1941 《阮氏三雄》
Three Heroes