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Born in 1926, Luk Bong (aka Luk Kam Bo) entered the film business in the 1950s, first working continuity and later as assistant director, unit manager, planner, production manager and scriptwriter in the first seven years of his career.

In 1957, Luk directed his first feature, the Cantonese Opera film Happy Reunion, beginning a prolific career, which included almost 50 Cantonese films in over a decade. Most of his films are Cantonese Operas, including Two Sisters-in-law (1958), Luring the Girls On (1959), Third Master Sha and His Charming Maid (1961) and The Uprighteous Officer and the Filial Daughter (1963). Some of his more interesting works include Prince of Thieves (1958), The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace (1958), Glass Slippers (1958), Ali Baba and the 40 Robbers (1960) and The Sleeping Beauty (1960), which are unique adaptations of Hollywood movies or foreign fairy tales staged with Cantonese opera singing and theatrics.

In 1966, Luk founded Kam Bo Motion Picture and made his debut as producer for The Tormented Life of a Woman, starring radio star Run Fung-ling and leading man Woo Fung. The majority of his later productions belong to the romance genre, finding success with the Josephine Siao vehicles The Blossoming Season (1968), Miss Fragrance (1969) and Mother Wants Me to Get Married (1969), as well as the Connie Chan-starring My Sweetheart (1969).

With the collapse of Cantonese cinema in the early 1970s, Luk turned to Mandarin films in what can be considered a low point in his career. His work during this period include the Jenny Wu feature The Wedding Song (1971) and We Visited Southeast Asia (1973), starring the veteran Mandarin actor Chiang Kuangchao. When Cantonese was used again in Hong Kong films, Luk found his stride again, directing features such as Two Omniscient Men (1976), The Clumsy Gambler (1977), Warning for the Young (1977), Worldly Foursome (1979), A Gambler’s Story (1980) and An Honest Crook (1981). After making Precious Adolescence (1983), Luk did not direct another film until 1990’s Brave Young Girls, which is also the last film he directed. He retired after producing two soft-core erotica, Fatal Attraction (1993) and The Wild Girls (1993).

Luk died on August 5th, 2004.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1990 《黑海霸王花》
Brave Young Girls
1983 《阿姐有料》
Precious Adolescence
1981 《阿燦出千》
An Honest Crook
1980 《邪鬥串》
A Gambler's Story
1979 《灣仔四條女》
Worldly Foursome
1979 《盲拳鬼手》
Blind Fist of Bruce
1977 《烏龍Q 王》
The Clumsy Gambler
1977 《架步串女古惑仔》
Warning for the Young
1977 《春滿娃娃池》
Carry on Bangkok
1976 《失魂炳與綽頭王》
Two Omniscient Men
1975 《兩傻大鬧浴室》
Two Fools in Bath House
1974 《一山五虎》
The Bravest Fist
1974 《花花公子》
The Playboy
1973 《一騎士》
The Chevalier
1973 《福祿壽遊南洋》
We Visited Southeast Asia
1972 《鬼馬女歌手》
Songs and Romance Forever
1971 《情人的秘密》
The Wedding Song
1971 《淘氣女歌手》
Song of Happy Life
1969 《香噴噴小姐》
Miss Fragrance
1969 《雌雄妙賊》
The Strange Couple who Steal
1969 《媽媽要我嫁》
Mother Wants Me to Get Married
1969 《相思甜如蜜》
My Sweetheart
1968 《多情妙賊》
A Romantic Thief
1968 《千面女福星》
Lucky Girl with a Thousand Faces
1968 《萬紫千紅》
The Blossoming Season
1968 《奪命刀》
The Killing Sword
1967 《飛賊紅玫瑰》
The Flying Red Rose
1967 《玉女相思》
A Maiden's Love
1966 《歷劫紅顏》
The Tormented Life of a Woman
1965 《雙十年華》
I am Just Twenty
1965 《海角幽蘭》
A Secluded Orchid by the Sea
1964 《刁蠻女戲夫》
The Naughty Girl Teases Her Husband
1964 《痴男怨女》
Desperately in Love
1963 《清官斬孝女》
The Uprighteous Officer and the Filial Daughter
1963 《點錯鴛鴦》
Wrong Coupling
1963 《神俠鬧金鑾》
The Super Hero Plunders the Palace
1963 《寶城劍侶》
Three Brave Warriors
1962 《千里送皇姑》
A Prince in Danger
1962 《巧鳳試郎心》
A Test of Love
1962 《孝順仔尋寶遇仙》
Filial Son's Treasure-hunt
1962 《奇女薛一娘》
The Strange Lady Xue Yiniang
1961 《步步高陞》
The Prince Incognito
1961 《傻人發達記》
Unexpected Fortune
1961 《女俠草上飛》
Lady Lightning Among Swordsmen
1961 《沙三少與俏銀姐》
Third Master Sha and His Charming Maid
1960 《天緣巧合》
A Perfect Match
1960 《招財進寶》
1960 《阿里巴巴與四十大盜》
Ali Baba and the 40 Robbers
1960 《孝子鬧天宮》
Revolt in Heaven
1960 《睡公主》
The Sleeping Beauty
1960 《雷電出孤兒》
An Orphan Was Born in Thunderstorm
1960 《再世奇緣》
Reincarnated Love
1959 《含笑飲砒霜》
Swallow the Poison with a Smile
1959 《金釵引鳳凰》
Luring the Girls On
1959 《玻璃鞋》
Glass Slippers
1959 《燕雙飛》
Happy Lovers
1959 《孝感動家姑》
The Filial Wife Moved the Mother-in-Law
1959 《野花香》
Wild Flowers Are Sweeter
1959 《能言鳥》
The Talking Bird
1958 《賊王子》
Prince of Thieves
1958 《金殿福星》
The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace
1958 《姑緣嫂劫》
Two Sisters-in-law
1958 《賊王子續集》
Prince of Thieves
1957 《牡丹花發狀元紅》
Happy Reunion
1957 《插錯美人頭》
Beauty's Head Is Misplaced