In October 2014, The Hong Kong Film Directors Guild proudly presented the publication of "The Ultimate Guide to Hoing Kong Directors 1979-2013", a compendium of data on more than 600 local film directors who contributed to the movie scene of Hong Kong during the period from 1979 to 2013.

It's a big book in two volumes, not for resale but with no regrets, as all the contents of the book is now made accessible through this site, designed mainly for easy use on mobile devices and small screens.

During its production, the publication received lots of support from various parties, especially those who helped in the collection of material that might have been easily lost in time if not for the production of this book. For details, please refer to the Preface and Acknowledgements pages.。

Why the collection begins at 1979? Let's hear from our Chief Editor about the significance of that very year in the film history of Hong Kong.

Do recommend this site to all fans of Hong Kong films. Thank you for your support!


New Dirctors on the scene

A Glimpse of the Original Pages

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